8 Ways to Screenshot on Windows and Mac OS Without Applications

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How to screenshot on Windows or Mac OS(Cottonbro Studio/Pexels)
How to screenshot on Windows or Mac OS(Cottonbro Studio/Pexels) - The screenshot feature is an important feature to take a screenshot or video recording. There are various ways to take screenshots on a laptop, either Windows or Mac OS, with different functions. 

If you don't know it yet, please see how to screenshot it on a laptop for Windows and Mac OS users without additional applications. It is certainly easier for laptop users to capture the screen.

How to Use the Screenshot Feature in Windows 10

The screenshot feature on Windows 10-based laptops can be used with the Print Screen (prtsc) button on the keyboard. The prt sc key is located on the top right row. However, for some types of laptops, it usually requires other function keys to take screenshots.

You have to use another function key together with the prt sc key to take a screenshot. Here's how to screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop:

1. Press the PrtSc Button

How screenshots on some Windows 10 laptops can be done by pressing the PrtSc button on the keyboard. Then the screenshot will be saved in the clipboard. You can directly paste the image results directly into document applications such as Word with the CTRL + V shortcut.

2. Alt + PrtSc

The next way to take a screenshot on a laptop, you can use the Alt + PrtSc shortcut. This shortcut works for screenshots of the currently active screen only. Like when you open YouTube with a minimized view, the screenshot will only be the YouTube window.

The captured image will be saved in the clipboard and you can paste it in the Paint application if you want to edit the screenshot.

3. Windows Key + Shift + S

How screenshots on a Windows 10 laptop can also be done with the shortcut Windows + Shift + S. This shortcut will take you to the default Windows application called Snip & Sketch. By pressing this shortcut, the laptop screen will dim and the mouse pointer will change.

You can determine for yourself which part of the screen will be a screenshot. After that, you can edit the screenshot in the Snip & Sketch application and save it by clicking the save icon at the top of the application.

4. Windows Key + PrtSc

The Windows + PrtSc shortcut combination works to take a screenshot of the entire screen. You can also use other key combinations like Fn + Windows + PrtSc. The screenshots will be saved as photos in the Picture folder with the Screenshots subfolder.

How to Use the Screenshot Feature on MacBook or Mac OS

There are differences between how to screenshot on a laptop and on a MacBook because other laptops use Windows or Linux. While Macbook, using Mac OS. Then how do you screenshot the Mac OS screen? See how below.

1. Shift + Command + 3

The first way to take a screenshot on a Mac OS laptop is with the Shift + Command + 3 keys. This shortcut is used to capture the full screen on a MacBook. After that, you can edit the screenshot by clicking on the thumbnail in the corner of the screen.

To save directly without editing, you only need to wait a moment until the screenshot is saved on the MacBook desktop.

2. Shift + Command + 4

Furthermore, there is a shortcut combination Shift + Command + 4 which is used as a way to screenshot only a portion of the MacBook screen. After pressing the shortcut key, drag the shutter to select the area of the screen you want to screenshot.

If you want to move the crosshairs, simply hold down the space bar and drag the crosshairs and then redefine the area of the screen to screenshot.

3. Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar

You can use the Shortcut Shift + Command + 4 + Space Bar to take screenshots in certain windows. Press the keyboard shortcut, then click the window or menu that you want to capture and hold down the option key. You can edit the results or wait for them to be saved on the MacBook desktop.

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