5 Favorite Natural Tourist Destinations To Visit Indonesia

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Raja Ampat Beaches (Photo by Google Maps/ Bambang Priyo Cahyono)
Raja Ampat Beaches (Photo by Google Maps/ Bambang Priyo Cahyono) - Indonesia's natural wealth and culture are never-ending to be explored. Some of them have become favorite tourist destinations that travelers always want to visit to spend their holidays. Here are 5 natural destinations in Indonesia to visit.

1. Bali

A total of 30 travel itineraries to Bali were submitted in this competition. Beach explorations such as Kuta and Nusa Dua remain popular, with water activities like snorkeling, surfing, and diving into coral reefs. In addition, prospective tourists also long for visits to ancient temples in Bali while witnessing traditional dance performances.

2. Labuan Bajo

Padar island Labuan Bajo (Shutterstock)
Padar island Labuan Bajo (Shutterstock)

This Super Priority Destination (DSP) also became a favorite among competition participants, with 20 itineraries.

Some activities they want to try include touring Komodo National Park, visiting the breathtaking Padar Island, exploring Pink Beach, and snorkeling in Kanawa Island to experience the diverse marine life.

3. Lombok

Lombok is another favorite destination, with nine itineraries submitted to visit the island east of Bali. Making stops at the beaches in Lombok, such as Gili Trawangan and Senggigi, remain the most sought-after destinations.

Prospective tourists yearn for snorkeling sessions and exploring the waters around the Gili islands, or hiking Mount Rinjani and delving into the traditional Sasak culture.

4. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat in West Papua (Photo: Shutterstock)
Raja Ampat in West Papua (Photo: Shutterstock)

Eight itineraries were submitted in this competition to visit Raja Ampat, the underwater paradise in West Papua. Island hopping activities remain popular there, including visiting Wayag with its iconic karst formations.

5. Wakatobi

Another fascinating underwater paradise to visit is Wakatobi, located in Southeast Sulawesi. Wakatobi consists of islands with beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and enchanting live coral reefs. Seven itineraries were submitted to visit this destination with its four main inhabited islands.

There, tourists can not only enjoy the beauty of the underwater world through snorkeling and diving but also savor the tranquility of its beaches and its cultural richness.

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