How To Stop Being Lazy and Be More Motivated

Aulia Hafisa
Illustration of laziness (Freepik)
Illustration of laziness (Freepik) - Laziness is something that happens to everyone. It mostly happens when someone doing their job. 

The work activities are carried out by doing the same thing. It makes you get bored quickly and if the feeling of boredom has started to settle, it decreases productivity.

Don't let that happen to you. Here are 3 tips to make you not lazy

1. Generate enthusiasm for work

If you are sluggish because of many problems and routines, you should increase your enthusiasm for work immediately. 

The method is quite easy. Making positive thoughts can enhance enthusiasm. Besides, you can look at your motivation to work such as the result of the work you do, whether it is to make your family happy, to please your parents, or to buy gifts for your partner. Those are all examples of work motivation.

By doing these two examples, you will find enthusiasm at work and no longer be lazy. Keep in mind that laziness can be overcome by growing a spirit of enthusiasm at work.

2. Get enough sleep

Why is enough sleep able to avoid feeling lazy? Because this affects the hours of sleep. Enough sleep hours will make your body fresh and able to work properly. Meanwhile, lack of sleep will make the body become weak due to lack of rest.

So get enough sleep or rest, especially sleep at night. Don't get too late to sleep.

3. Healthy body

If your body is healthy then you will easily do work and can also be enthusiastic. It's different when your body is often sick. It can affect your performance. So take care to eat nutritious food and get enough rest.

Those are 3 tips for not being lazy at work. Hope it is useful.

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