Here Comes the Food: Most Popular Foods for Delivery in 2021

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A bakso stall. (Photo: Ningsih)
A bakso stall. (Photo: Ningsih) - It’s safe to say that most Indonesians love to eat. From the most complicated cuisines to the simplest ones, Indonesians love them all. It’s probably also thanks to that love that culinary industry continues to stay afloat during this difficult period called the COVID-19 pandemic.

If anything, the pandemic has triggered the birth of many culinary businesses which people grow to love. It’s also important to note that delivery services has been becoming more and more popular in Indonesia, so these businesses have been relying more and more on the type of service.

One of the most-used food delivery companies in Indonesia, GrabFood, has revealed to Antara the 2021’s 10 most popular menus for delivery in the platform.

Fast foods

Fast-food chains continue to be the go-to option for hungry Indonesians who want their foods quickly available. Burgers, fried chicken, fries – you name it – top the list of most popular foods in Indonesia.


Martabak is one of those foods that people can eat at any time; day or night, every time is a perfect time to have martabak. What makes it even better is that the food has both savory and sweet variants. Some sellers even follow the hype by creating unique toppings, such as Nutella. green tea or matcha, and red velvet.


The Italia cuisine is much-loved by pretty much everyone in every country, and it was no different in Indonesia. While the more classic toppings can still easily be found in restaurants in Indonesia, pizza chains in Indonesia has become more and more creative in making new menus. One meter long pizza can now even be delivered to customer’s door to be enjoyed with the entire family.


Bakso means meatball, but it’s the different kind from the one usually found in western foods. In Indonesia, bakso is sold in small stalls to restaurants. Its warm soup continue to spoil millions of Indonesia, and it’s still one of the most popular foods in the country.

Chicken-based foods

People can never go wrong with chicken; it’s a must-have for restaurants. It’s not a coincidence that chicken-based cuisines are included in the list.

Nasi goreng

Indonesian fried rice is a different breed: it’s sweet, salty, and absolutely amazing. It’s also a versatile dish, and people tend to have a preference of their favorite nasi goreng. Indonesians are also spoiled for choice as dozens of nasi goreng sellers can be easily found nearby.


Burger, or hamburger, originated from Germany, but many restaurants in Indonesia now specialize in this dish and even put their spin on it. With more options available, burger is part of the most popular foods in Indonesia in 2021.


This spicy and savory snack first became known in Bandung, West Java, and later enjoyed widespread, national popularity. It’s a particularly preferred choice in rainy days, but most Indonesians will agree that they will enjoy it any season.

Noodle-based foods

Just like rice, noodle has slowly become one of the staple foods in Indonesia. It’s easy to cook and comes in many variations.


Or most globally known as satay. It’s not difficult to find sate in Indonesia. From small stalls to rated restaurants, every place tends to sell a variation of sate menus. In their list this year, Grab revealed that sate is one of the most-ordered foods for delivery in 2021.

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