Purwodadi Botanical Garden in Pasuruan Offers Plant Tourism

Arfi Bambani
Purwodadi Botanical Garden in Pasuruan, East Java
Purwodadi Botanical Garden in Pasuruan, East Java - Purwodadi Botanical Garden, one of five botanical gardens under the scope of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), together with Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Mandiri develops plant tourism and improves functions in the fields of conservation and research as well as public services.

"At the age of 81, we invite the public to visit and enjoy the history and beauty of the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens," said Acting General Manager of Purwodadi Botanical Gardens, Galendra Jaya, on the sidelines of the 81 Years Festival of Purwodadi Botanical Gardens in Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Sunday, January 30, 2022.

The festival is held for two days, from Saturday (29/1) to Sunday (30/1). He said Purwodadi Botanical Garden's main function is as a plant conservation center under and responsible for the botanical garden plant conservation research center under the life sciences research organization of BRIN.

At the festival, visitors can take part in various interesting programs such as a plant and food bazaar, virtual tours, and the movement to exchange waste for plants. "The collaboration with Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Mandiri aims to develop the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens as a plant conservation tourist destination. There are many things that visitors can explore to know more about Purwodadi Botanical Garden as a dry lowland plant conservation area in Indonesia," he said.

In an area of 210 acres, the garden collected 191 tribes, 933 genera, 5,981 collection numbers, and 10,857 specimens. "The plant collections include orchids, agave, bamboo, legumes, nails, bananas, and medicinal plants," he said.

Through this collaboration, he said, the "plant tag" innovation regarding plant information as many as 500 units was updated using a QR barcode that was connected directly to the botanical garden page. Through this plant tag innovation, visitors can get information ranging from plant names, types, families, to plant benefits. In the future, this plant tag will be used for the entire collection of plants in the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens.

"Furthermore, cooperation in the field of public services is carried out through revitalization activities in the viewing tower and greenhouse areas. Revitalization activities include interior and exterior arrangements, fountains equipped with lighting installations that are lit at night, as well as a friendly play area for children. children that visitors can enjoy every day," he said.

According to him, the viewing tower is the "center point" in the Purwodadi Botanical Garden. It is also a place for a wide collection of plants in the area that can be used for various activities by visitors.

"In addition to these two places, visitors can also visit the thematic gardens in the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens, such as a medicinal garden, a Mexican garden, a local fruit garden, a bougainvillea garden, an aquatic park," said Galendra Jaya.

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