Here's Why JIS Will Be the Biggest, Best Stadium in Indonesia

Diana Mariska
Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) (Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Adimaja)
Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) (Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Adimaja) - Jakarta International Stadium, or JIS, is set to become the biggest and the best of its kind in Indonesia. Besides having a capacity of 82,000, a number of factors also contribute to JIS also becoming one of the bests in Southeast Asia.

Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan recently revealed the unique points of JIS while confirming that the currently under-construction sporting arena will be completed by the end of March 2022.

“The capacity is 82,000 seats, and it makes JIS one of the stadiums in Indonesia with the largest capacity,” Baswedan said on Monday, March 28.

In addition to that, JIS is hailed as being environmentally friendly, and it has retractable roof, unique seating design, and will be without running track around the field.

The 72-meter high retractable roof will allow the stadium to hold different activities, including music concerts, in different weathers. Meanwhile, the nonexistence of running track removes distance between the field and spectators.

“The objective is to provide equal experience for fans wherever they are seated,” Baswedan explained.

Furthermore, the stadium will also use hybrid turf grass which is a mix of five percent of artificial grass from Italy and 95 percent of natural grass from Boyolali, Central Java. Baswedan claimed this will be the first certified hybrid turf in Indonesia.

“This turf can be used for 1,000 hours of game while the ordinary one can only be used for 300 hours of match. It can hold up to two matches a day,” Baswedan said.

Baswedan said the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) also awarded platinum certification to JIS as an eco-friendly building.

The infrastructures and facilities are also top-notch and meet the standards of football’s highest governing body FIFA. JIS will have two training fields, four changing rooms, warm-up room, media room, and conference room.

To enter the stadium, visitors can go through two main entrances on the west and east sides, which are 120-meter long and 30-meter wide and are designed to be grand entrances to give a unique experience as visitors enter the area.

The last unique point is a rooftop jogging track that is 72-meter high and four-meter wide.

Baswedan also once again confirmed that the stadium is targeted to be completed by the end of this month.

“March 2022 will hopefully be a historical moment as [the construction of] Jakarta International Stadium is completed.”

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