Maros-Pangkep Geopark Cleaned up for UNESCO Assessment as Global Geopark

Arfi Bambani
Clean up of Pattunuang Geosite, part of Maros-Pangkep Geopark
Clean up of Pattunuang Geosite, part of Maros-Pangkep Geopark - The people of Maros Regency and Pangkep Regency held a clean-up action in the Pattunuang Geosite area which is part of the Maros-Pangkep Geopark to welcome the presence of the UNESCO Assessor Team. The Maros-Pangkep Geopark is being proposed as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

"Dozens of communities in Maros and Pangkep regencies held clean-up actions in the Geosite area to welcome the UNESCO assessor team," said the Field Coordinator for the clean-up action for the Pattunuang route, Abdhi, in Maros Regency, Sunday, June 5, 2022.

He said there were at least 30 communities that took action to clean up trash and plastic materials in karst areas (limestone mountains). According to him, the route between Maros-Bone and also Maros-Pangkep between the karsts became the focal point of the waste clean-up action which was directly initiated by the Maros-Pangkep Geopark Working Group (Pokja).

This was confirmed by the General Manager of Geopark Maros-Pangkep, Dedy Irfan. According to him, the Geopark area is not only a natural heritage for local residents but also a part of natural wealth that should be protected from the threat of damage due to some factors.

Local governments have proposed this area as a global geopark to the national government since 2020 and subsequently to UNESCO. It has received a positive response and will receive recognition from the world institution, UNESCO.

"Through this clean-up activity, it is hoped that it will strengthen preparations for the arrival of the UNESCO Global Geopark Assessor Team," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Maros and Chair of the Maros Geopark Pokja Pangkep, Maros Regency, Hj Suhartina Bohari, said the clean-up action involved elements of the government, private sector, non-government institutions, and local communities. "We collaborate with all parties and every activity we carry out is related to efforts to protect the Karst area and the Pattunuang Geosite," he said.

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