Cinnabon Finally Comes to Indonesia, Uses West Sumatra Cinnamon

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First Cinnabon outlet in Indonesia, at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
First Cinnabon outlet in Indonesia, at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta - The well-known cake and cinnamon roll shop from the United States, Cinnabon, inaugurated its first outlet in Indonesia, to be precise at Grand Indonesia Mall, 3A floor, this Friday. Cinnamon roll Cinnabon has a soft, savory, and chewy texture, and has a distinctive fragrance from Cinnamon Makara, cinnamon that comes from mountains in West Sumatra.

"Finally Cinnabon is here in Indonesia. I hope that the warmth, joy, and sweetness of the cinnamon roll will provide new things for culinary lovers in Indonesia," said Director of PT Toffin Cinnabon Indonesia Witia Arini during the inauguration ceremony as reported by Antara, Friday, June 17, 2022.

Witia explained the various menus offered at Cinnabon are very suitable for various groups, without age restrictions. As for its flagship menu, Cinnabon Indonesia offers cinnamon rolls with a wide selection of flavors and drinks.

For caramel lovers, there is Caramel Pecanbon, a cinnamon roll combined with pecans and caramel sauce. There is also Chocobon menu, each layer is coated with chocolate and Cinnabon cream cheese frosting. In addition to the three main menu variants, Cinnabon Indonesia also offers additional menus such as Roll on the go and Cinnachips.

For drinks, Cinnabon provides various choices such as tea, coffee, as well as special Chillata and CinnaFizzie menus. In total, 26 types of drinks can be enjoyed with cinnamon rolls.

"Cinnabon offers a unique and different taste and is suitable to be enjoyed with coffee and tea, which are favorite drinks for Indonesians every day," said Witia.

She said Cinnabon always serves fresh. As for the price, the menu at Cinnabon is priced from Rp26 thousand to Rp226 thousand. On June 17-19, 2022, Cinnabon offers a grand opening promo in the form of free coffee for every purchase of hot rolls.

In the future, continued Witia, Cinnabon will continue to explore the menu and present something new for culinary connoisseurs in Indonesia. In addition, Cinnabon also plans to expand in the Greater Jakarta area and does not rule out opening branches in various areas in Indonesia. Cinnabon is now present in 50 countries and has 1,600 outlets worldwide.

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