How To Make The Good-old Fashioned Pancakes, Homemade Recipes for Beginner

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Pancake Illustration (Ash/Pexels)
Pancake Illustration (Ash/Pexels)

TheIndonesia.id - Is there anything better than the irresistible scent of decadent pancakes? The answer is no. The good classic pancake will never fail to brighten up your day, especially if you are a sweet-tooth type of person. 

Making pancake is actually easier than you think. So, you better throw away your boxed pancake mix and get ready to create your own tasty and authentic pancake.

This guide will show you how to the pancake recipes that create thick, fluffy, and all-around delicious cakes with a few ingredients that might be ready in your kitchen. 

Pancake Ingredients

Flour is the basic ingredient of pancakes

Baking powder is the secret of fluffy pancakes

A tablespoon of white sugar for subtly sweet pancakes

A pinch of salt to enhance the overall flavor without making the pancake taste salty

Milk and Butter add moisture and richness to the pancakes

Egg to give more moisture and bind the pancake batter together

How to Make Pancakes 

1. First, Sift the dry ingredients together

2. Make a well, then add the wet ingredients

3. Stir the ingredients to combine

4. Scoop the batter onto a hot griddle or pan

5. Cook for two to three minutes, then flip

6. Continue cooking until the color change to brown on both sides and the bubbles start to form on the top.

How to Reheat Pancakes?

Pancake is the best eaten when it is warm and a little bit crisp at the edge. However, what if you can't finish your pancake a time after you cooked? Here are the tips. 

Store the leftover pancakes in an airtight container in the fridge for about a week. Refrain from adding toppings such as syrup until right before you serve them, otherwise, the pancake becomes soggy.

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