How Much Water To Drink Everyday? Here is the Answer!

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Drinking water illustration (MaurĂ­cio Mascaro/Pexels)
Drinking water illustration (MaurĂ­cio Mascaro/Pexels) - We often heard the need to drink eight 8 glasses of water per day. However, it turns out that the need for water of each person is different based on the size of body weight.

According to experts, two liters of water is enough to keep the body hydrated and safe for daily physical activity.

However, each person's daily intake of drinking water is different. The amount of water of each person can be seen from their activities in a day. If the activities involves heavy physical movement, this person needs more water. 

In addition, the need for drinking water intake per day also needs to be calculated according to a person's weight. The need for drinking water adjusted for body weight is related to the body's metabolism.

The heavier the body weight, the higher their metabolism. The higher a person's weight (BB), the body's metabolism in their body is also greater.

Then, how to calculate the need for water according to body weight? In calculating this, there is a Watson formula to help you.

Watson's Formula for Men:
2.447 - (0.09145 x age) + (0.1074 x height in cm) + (0.3362 x weight in kg) = total body weight (TBW) in liters.

Watson's Formula for Women:
-2.097 + (0.1069 x height in cm) + (0.2466 x weight in kg) = total body weight (TBW) in liters.

If you find it difficult to calculate the Watson formula, try the easier method, your body weight multiplied by 30 ml. Usually it will be revealed how much you drink water per day.

However, if you want to stick to drinking 2 liters of water per day, that's also not a big problem.

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