4 Natural Steps To Lower Your Blood Sugar

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Blood sugar monitor illustration (PhotoMIX Company/Pexels)
Blood sugar monitor illustration (PhotoMIX Company/Pexels) - High blood sugar or hyperglycemia is associated with diabetes, a disease that can cause heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure. High blood pressure occurs when your body is not able to produce insulin or use insulin efficiently.  

If high blood sugar is not well-treated, a serious health problem will follow, such as diabetic coma. Here are the simple steps to lower your high blood pressure naturally.

Regular Exercise

Exercise can lower high blood sugar effectively. After exercising, your blood sugar would be low for the next 24 hours because of the rise in insulin sensitivity.

You will need more glucose for your body's fuel during exercise. The muscle receives glucose from the cell, making your blood sugar level gets low. You have to do the type of exercise that activates your heart rate. 

Manage Your Carbs

The level of blood sugar is affected by the carbs you consumed every day. Your body transforms the carbs into a simple form of sugar, such as glucose. 

Then, insulin helps your body to use and save sugar as energy. However, diabetes can ruin this process, making the glucose level high and impairing the function of insulin. 

Sugar and Strawberry (Mali Maeder/Pexels)
Sugar and Strawberry (Mali Maeder/Pexels)

For this reason, you have to manage your diet and control your blood sugar routinely. 

You are allowed to eat carbs, but choose the types of carbs from the grains which have better nutrition.

Eat more fiber

Fiber helps slow down the increase of blood sugar by pausing the breakdown of carbs and the absorption of sugar. There are two types of fiber you can eat, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. These fibers are effective to control blood sugar.

For this reason, consuming many fiber foods can improve your body's capability to control and lower the level of blood sugar.

Vegetables, fruits, and nuts are an example of foods with high fiber content. According to USDA, the daily fiber intake recommended to be consumed is 25 grams for women and 35 grams for men.

Drink plenty of water

You can manage your blood sugar level by drinking plenty of water. Besides, consuming enough water helps the kidney to fight dehydration, making it able to reduce the high level of sugar in the urine. 

According to the research, consuming water routinely can hydrate the blood, lower the blood sugar, and lower the chance of diabetes.

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