5 Ways To Stop Nose Bleeding, Emergencies and First Aid

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Nose bleeding illustration (Shutterstock)
Nose bleeding illustration (Shutterstock) - Almost everyone has experienced a nosebleed and many of them do not know how to stop it. Nosebleeds can actually be caused by many things, from mild causes to more serious causes. The most important thing is that when nosebleeds occur repeatedly and frequently, you should consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

You should not panic, and do some ways to stop the nosebleeds below.

1. Using Medication Spray

One effective way to deal with nosebleeds is spraying the decongestant on the bleeding part. Although effective, this drug should not be used for a long time because the effect is not very good.

After the nosebleed stops, avoid bending over, lifting heavy objects, or rubbing your nose for a few days.

2. Compress with Ice


This method can be used to stop nosebleeds. Apply an ice pack to the bridge of your nose to narrow blood vessels, making the blood run slow. It's quite effective, but this method gives a fairly intense cold sensation, so some people might not be too comfortable using it.

3. Pinching the Nose Slowly

illustration of nose bleeding (Pixabay)
illustration of nose bleeding (Pixabay)

The third way to stop nosebleeds is to gently pinch your nose. You can try pinching your nose under the bridge of your nose, with your thumb and forefinger. Do this and hold for 10 minutes, but remember not to squeeze too hard.

Breathe in through your mouth while pinching your nose.

4. Avoid stuffing your nose

Either with tissue or cotton, this is actually not recommended because it can actually irritate blood vessels. Catch the blood that comes out with a tissue or wet cloth. If it is due to a mild matter, the bleeding will stop in a short time.

5. Lean Toward the Body

Try to sit up straight and lean slightly forward. Breathe slowly using your mouth, so that the blood doesn't flow back into your throat. This is done to avoid choking on blood and vomiting.

Those were 5 ways to stop nosebleeds that you can try. Good luck, and don't forget to visit your doctor if the nosebleed doesn't stop quickly or other symptoms appear that hinder activity.

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