2 Ways To Create a ZIP File, Quick and Easy Tutorials!

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ZIP File illustration (Pixabay)
ZIP File illustration (Pixabay)

TheIndonesia.id - Making a ZIP File doesn't need a long time. Follow this file compression tutorial summarized by HiTekno.com below. You can easily make a ZIP file in a very short time. As we all know, ZIP is famous for its speed in compressing various collections of files.

ZIP is an archive file format that compresses one or several files into one location, making the file's size get smaller. 

Because the file size is very small, the file transfer process that you do will not take long. Creating a ZIP file makes it easier for you to transfer the file to someone else.

There are many ways to create a ZIP file that you can do, without an application or using an additional application. Follow the guides below to create a ZIP file.

1. Create a ZIP file without an application

  • Put all the files you want to archive into one folder
  • Then make a folder name for the ZIP file according to your wishes
  • Then right-click on the folder
  • Then several menu options will appear, hover over the Send to the menu option
  • Then select the Compressed (zipped) folder menu
  • Wait a few moments for the ZIP file to automatically appear in the same location as the original folder

2. Create a ZIP file using an additional application

One additional application that you can use to easily create ZIP files is 7-Zip. 7-Zip is a free, open-source program capable of compressing data up to 30-70% smaller than the .zip format.

The steps to create a ZIP file with 7-zip are:

  • Download and install the 7-zip application on your device
  • Then right-click on the file you want to make a ZIP file
  • Then several menu options will appear, select the 7-zip option by hovering over the menu option
  • Then a dropdown menu will appear with a number of commands, click on the Extract Files option
  • Then click the dot icon to select a storage location and click OK
  • Or you can also choose the Extract Here option to directly save the file in the archive location or Extract To [File Name] to create a folder from the extracted data.

Those are some ways to make a ZIP file that you can do easily so that the size of the data you have is smaller. So after doing the steps above, you can save storage space on your device.

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