How Dangerous Is High White Blood Cell Count?

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Illustration of blood cancer (Shutterstock)
Illustration of blood cancer (Shutterstock) - White blood cells play an important role in fighting disease. However, the more white blood cell in your body doesn't mean you are stronger. On the contrary, an excess of white blood cells can be a sign of danger.

Excess white blood cells can be a sign of imbalances and disturbances. The condition in which the body produces more white blood cells than normal levels is called leukocytosis. High levels of white blood cells are usually known through blood tests done by a doctor to find a disease.

Apparently, there are several things that can trigger an increase in white blood cells, such as bacterial or viral infections, medical conditions, such as cancer, allergic reactions, stress, and tuberculosis, to the effects of consuming certain drugs.

Basically, increasing the number of white blood cell production is the body's way of fighting off attacks from outside that are considered dangerous. 

Apart from that, lifestyle can also be a cause of an increase in the number of white blood cells, such as smoking habits and not taking good care of your health.

The Dangers of Excess White Blood Cells

Illustration: blood transfusion
Illustration: blood transfusion

If the examination states that the body is producing excess white blood cells, you must be vigilant. Elevated levels of white blood cells can be a sign of an infection caused by a virus or bacteria.

 One type of disease to watch out for is leukemia. It turns out that the increase in blood cells is also related to this condition. 

Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells that occurs due to an abnormality that causes a drastic increase of white blood cells. Unfortunately, the increase in white blood cells is not accompanied by a good function for the body.

The number of white blood cells produced in the spinal cord is often more than the required number. This can actually interfere with the performance of the body's organs instead of fighting infection. 

Do not underestimate this condition because it can have a bad impact on the performance of the body's organs as a whole. Better to avoid the danger of excess white blood cells.

Symptoms that often occur in people with leukemia are anemia, easy fatigue, dizzy vision, bleeding that occurs suddenly, pain in the bones and joints, and weight loss for no reason. 

People who have leukemia also often show symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, frequent fever, swollen lymph nodes, and easy bruising.

White blood cells that are attacked by leukemia will not be able to work properly. To find out and ascertain the cause of an increase in white blood cells, immediately do an examination with the doctor. Especially if you have started experiencing symptoms that lead to leukemia. 

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