How to Plant Tomatoes in a Polybag, 5 Easy Steps!

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Tomato plant (Pixabay/Kie-ker)
Tomato plant (Pixabay/Kie-ker)

TheIndonesia.id - Tomatoes are one type of fruit that can be planted in polybags. It doesn't need large land to grow so you can easily try it at home. Then, how do you grow tomatoes in polybags?

Planting tomatoes is easy and fairly quick to harvest. Quoted from steemit, here are some easy steps to grow tomatoes, from seeding to harvesting.

How to Plant Tomatoes in Polybags

1. Choose the type of tomato

Before planting tomatoes in polybags, you need to choose what type of tomatoes to plant. First, there are fruit tomatoes that are round in shape with a flat base. Second, tomatoes have an oval shape and are used as a raw material for sauces. Third, tomato vegetables with a firm texture and sour taste, and finally, cherry tomatoes with a small size and a slightly sour taste.

Tomatoes (Shutterstock)
Tomatoes (Shutterstock)

It is better to choose the type of tomatoes to be planted in polybags according to the climatic conditions where you live. After that, buy superior tomato seeds at the farm shop.

2. Tomato seedling

The first way to plant tomatoes in polybags is to seed them first in a different place. Place the tomato seeds in a place that gets direct sunlight but avoids rain.

Plant the tomato seeds to be sown to a depth of 1 cm with a distance of 5 cm between the seeds. Make sure the tomato seeds are covered with the planting medium. Do regular watering 2 times a day to maintain humidity.

After two weeks, add organic liquid fertilizer, compost, or NPK to the tomato nursery media. Also, don't forget to weed the plants so that no weeds grow in the nursery area.

Tomato seedlings are ready to be transferred to polybags after 30 days of nursery or after having 5 leaves.

3. Planting tomatoes with polybags

Before transplanting the tomato seeds, prepare planting media in polybags in the form of soil, rice husks, and compost with a ratio of 2:1:2.

There are two ways to transfer tomato seeds to polybags. First, remove the seeds from the planting medium. The trick, flush the planting medium with water so that the planting medium becomes soft and the tomato seeds can be removed carefully without damaging the roots.

After that, put it in a polybag perpendicular to the existing planting hole. Adjust the depth of the planting media hole in the polybag with the root length.

The second way is to move the tomato seeds with the planting medium. The trick, pry the seeds as deep as 10 cm with a shovel or hand, then lift all parts of the tomato seeds with the soil.

4. Growing

Caring for tomatoes grown in polybags is relatively easy. Try to keep the planting medium moist by watering it 2 times a day, but don't water until it's too wet so the roots don't rot quickly.

In addition, clean up visible weeds regularly. If there are several wilted parts, remove them immediately and remove the plant media so that they don't infect other plants.

Add compost after one week the tomato seedlings are transferred to the polybag. After that, just repeat it every month.

5. Harvest

Tomatoes are ready to be harvested from polybags after 3 months of planting, depending on the variety. The characteristic of tomatoes ready to be harvested is that the fruit has changed color to yellowish after previously being green. In addition, the edges of the leaves usually look dry with yellow stems.

Keep in mind, tomatoes do not ripen at the same time, do the picking every 2-3 days in the morning and evening, when the sun is not too hot.

Those are the things that need to be considered in how to grow tomatoes in polybags. Happy gardening at home!

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