What Is a Cover Letter for Job? Meaning, Purpose,and How To Create It

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Cover letter illustration (Shutterstock)
Cover letter illustration (Shutterstock)

TheIndonesia.id - Apart from making an updated Curriculum Vitae, you should prepare a cover letter before applying for a job. Anyway, what is a cover letter for a job? 

Usually, a cover letter can be sent via email in the form of an attachment document when applying. It is also sent directly to the company along with other required documents. 

So, what is a cover letter? What is its purpose? 

What is Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a written document commonly submitted with a job application outlining the applicant's credentials and interest in the open position. 

With a cover letter, recruiters can see glance information about you. Your interest in the position or company you are applying for on the cover letter will entice recruiters to look at your resume to schedule an interview with you.

Then, what should be included in the cover letter?

  • A brief profile containing your full name, telephone number, email address, and domicile of residence.
  • The name of the recruiter or department that is hiring.
  • Mention the source of the vacancy info, even if you get referrals from others.
  • Your opinion on the match of the qualifications for the position you are applying for with your abilities.
  • What will you do for the company.
  • A thank you for the time and attention of the recruiter.
  • All of these important things can give recruiters a quick picture of yourself. So, don't forget to write a cover letter when applying, Kinobeans!

Cover Letter Purpose

After reading the definition, now is the time for you to know why a cover letter is important when applying for a job.

1. Give Recruiters a Brief Description of Yourself

As you have previously, you will include a brief profile and express your opinion on your ability to fill the position for which you are applying. By giving a sneak peek about you in your cover letter, recruiters will likely read the CV that you send.

2. Makes You Look Professional

Apart from giving a brief overview, a cover letter also makes you look much more professional. Why? Because you explain in formal language the compatibility between your abilities and the qualifications for the position you are applying for. In short, your intentions and goals are immediately visible to recruiters.

3. Make a First Impression on Recruiters

Have you ever heard that first impressions can affect a person's perception? It is called the Halo Effect which was put forward by an American psychologist named Edward L. Thorndike. Even so, not always a good perception shows that it is indeed good.

Launching from Healthline, the Halo Effect can affect perceptions in various aspects of life such as school, marketing, to work. By writing a cover letter, recruiters will see the effort you put in to apply for the job.

These three things certainly open up greater opportunities for recruiters to read your CV and consider whether you qualify for the next session.

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