8 Ways To Get Rid of Ants inside The House!

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Illustration of ants (Pixabay/Bui Minh Chung)
Illustration of ants (Pixabay/Bui Minh Chung)

TheIndonesia.id - Ants are common problems of household pests. Most homeowners run into an ant problem at one point to another, whether it is a trail of tiny black ants heading toward the kitchen, or large carpenter ants living on your deck. This guide will show you how to get rid of ants

The presence of ants in the house is sometimes disturbing, especially if they eat the dinner food or make nests in the furniture. You can try several ways to get rid of ants at home, as explained below.

How to get rid of ants

1. Using Pepper Powder

One natural ingredient that can be used is pepper powder. For ants, pepper powder can interfere with the smell they have. You can sprinkle pepper around the dining table to keep away the invading ants. Apart from the aroma, the spicy taste of pepper powder is hated by ants.

2. Make a White Vinegar Solution

The second method that can be used is to use a white vinegar solution. The mixture is made by combining equal amounts of water and vinegar. You can put it in front of the anthill, or around a location where ants often come.

3. Corn Flour

Corn flour can also be a solution to get rid of ants at home. The method is quite simple, just pour the flour into the group of ants you meet and add water on top. The ants will die encased in the thickened flour and trap these ants.

4. Use Cinnamon Powder

It turns out that cinnamon is not liked by ants. You can put cinnamon powder around the house or at points that are often found by ants. Even this powder can also repel some other annoying insects.

5. Make sure to close the hole in the house

Illustration of cleaning a house (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)
Illustration of cleaning a house (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

In house buildings, it is not uncommon for ants to have gaps or cavities that can be used to make nests. For this reason, you can close these holes, so that they cannot enter the area of the house.

6. Chemical method, with Boric Acid

Boric acid is known as one of the most effective chemicals to repel ants. In just 3 weeks, boric acid is able to kill the worker ants and the queen ants in the nest. However, the use of this material must be accompanied by caution, because it is dangerous for pets and children. Use gloves when using it!

7. Pesticide for Ants

Many insect repellent products are available in the market. You can choose a product with ant exterminator specifications, and start using it.

8. Insect Cleaning Services

The last way is to call a house insect control service, or what is commonly called a pest control service. By using this service, the house will be cleaned of ants, cockroaches, and various other annoying insects.

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