Plan Your New Year's Eve in These 5 Indonesian Back-to-Nature Spots!

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Derawan Island (
Derawan Island ( - There are many ways to celebrate New Year's eve. Some people prefer to party and dance. Others prefer to go to the main city point to watch the fireworks while counting down the clock. Many people also like to enjoy their new year's eve by leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and going back to nature. Below are the recommendations for you to celebrate New Year's Eve holiday in Indonesian nature!

1. New Year's Celebration with Nature in Dieng

Dieng Culture Festival (
Dieng Culture Festival (

Every year, Dieng never fails to attract countless tourists to spend their Christmas and New Year holidays. Located at 2,200 meters above sea level, Dieng is the highest plateau in Central Java. Here, you can enjoy the natural atmosphere while waiting for the New Year's turn.

Every new years holiday, the place offers some events such as folk entertainment festivals. Here, tourists can see various shows and musical entertainment, and of course fireworks! 

Besides the music festival, you can enjoy the Sunrise Perdana or the first sunrise of the year. Tourists can go to the Sikunir area to see the beautiful sunrise of the new year.

Dieng (Shutterstock)
Dieng (Shutterstock)

Last but not least is Mount Prau Hiking. Here, the climbers will stay around the campsite at the Mount Prau post. While waiting for the new year, you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the incredible and attractive mountains.

Global tourists can take a train from Jakarta's Pasar Senen station, about 4-5 hours. Then, you have to take a small bus direction, Purwokerto-Wonosobo. At the Wonosobo area, ask to be dropped off at a junction near Klenteng where you will catch another public minibus to Dieng.

2. Enjoy the Nature of Derawan Islands in Berau, East Kalimantan

Derawan Island (Theclassicwanderer)
Derawan Island (Theclassicwanderer)

Derawan island has been internationally recognized as one of the best diving spots in Indonesia, with captivating corals and various kinds of fish. Relaxing on the white-sand beaches with crystal clear blue water is definitely the best way to spend your new year's holiday. 

Besides breathtaking underwater landscape, Derawan is also home to many protected sea animals like a green tortoise, whale, and dolphin. Derawan comprises about 30 small islands, but tourists can only access four; Derawan Island, Maratua Island, Sangalaki Island, and Kakaban Island.

To reach Derawan, SilkAir flies from Singapore to Balikpapan in East Kalimantan, or you can take a flight from Jakarta, Surabaya, or Denpasar to Balikpapan or Tarakan by Garuda Indonesia. Then, take a connecting flight to Tanjung Redeb in Berau. From here, boats will take you to the islands.

3. Glamping at The Lodge Maribaya in Bandung, West Java

Glamping at The Lodge Maribaya (
Glamping at The Lodge Maribaya (

Glamping or glamorous camping is another idea to spend your new year's holiday in the great outdoors. Lodge Maribaya camping ground is located on Maribaya street in Cibodas, Lembang, Bandung. The place becomes the first one to popularize the glamping trend in Indonesia. 

The pumpkin-like tents are comfortable to sleep in because each of them is equipped with single or queen size beds, power supplies, lamps, power sockets, and a cooling fan. These are the kind of "luxuries" you can have while camping in the middle of the forest. 

Glamping would be the best experience for your new year's eve despite the lack of fireworks, as it is prone to spark the fire flame in the chilly pine forest. 

Global tourists can go from Jakarta by train to Bandung and then take a taxi to the Lodge Maribaya.

4. A Sailing Trip to Labuan Bajo in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)

Padar island Labuan Bajo (Shutterstock)
Padar island Labuan Bajo (Shutterstock)

Labuan Bajo is a perfect place for you to explore stunning landscapes and beaches. One of the best things to do is sailing to well-known attractions like Padar Island and Pink Beach. Not only captivated by the beauty of nature, but you would also be amazed by a 'living dinosaur,' Komodo Dragon. The Komodo is ancient lizards that are protected in the Komodo Island National Park. 

Labuan Bajo is located on the westernmost tip of Flores. If you're boarding an international flight, the island can be reached via Jakarta, Bali, or Lombok. Domestic flights to Labuan Bajo's Komodo Airport are available daily from either of those cities.

5. Experience the Blue Fire in Ijen Crater, East Java

Bluefire at Ijen Crater (
Bluefire at Ijen Crater (

The easternmost part of Java island is famous for its captivating nature, such as beaches and mountains. Mount Ijen is one of them. Located in Bondowoso, East Java, the mountain is never deserted by climbers. The beauty of Mount Ijen is not only shown during the day but also the night. Many climbers are willing to devote their sleep in order to see the beauty of the Bluefire.

The Bluefire appeared right in the middle of the sulfur miners from 02.00 AM to the morning. It springs out among the yellow sulfurous rocks, which are cut and gathered manually by traditional miners. The color contrasts with the night sky attract the eyes of many tourists.

Indonesia's second-largest city, Surabaya, is connected directly from abroad by a number of international airlines. You can then connect through Garuda Indonesia or Lion Air flights from Surabaya to Banyuwangi Blimbingsari Airport. There are also daily flights from Bali to Banyuwangi.

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