Bromo Tourist Attraction is not Affected by Mt Semeru's Eruption

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Mount Bromo (Shutterstock)
Mount Bromo (Shutterstock) - The Bromo tourist area in East Java operates normally after Semeru's eruption on Saturday, December 4, 2021. The deadly eruption has sent 1,300 residents into refugee and killed at least 14 people.

Head of the Data, Evaluation, and Public Relations of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Sarif Hidayat, said the Bromo tourist area was not affected by the eruption. "For now (Bromo tourism) is not affected," said Sarif.

Although the Bromo area operates ordinarily, he urges Bromo tourists to remain vigilant and implement the health protocols.

"We want the visitors to stay alert, be careful, and wear masks," he said.

Related to the Semeru's eruption, he ensured no climbers in this Java's highest mountain. Since July 3, 2021, the climbing site of Mount Semeru has been closed.

"To this day, the Semeru climbing site is still closed," he said.

The Bromo tourist area has been opened for 25 percent of the total capacity.

There are five sites tourists could visit. Bukit Cinta opens for 31 people capacity per day, Bukit Kedaluh for 107 people per day, Penanjakan for 222 people per day, Mentigen for 55 people per day, and Savana Teletubbies as many as 319 people per day.

The opening of five Bromo entrances was carried out based on the government's regulation of community restrictions (PPKM) in the tourism area. After the PPKM is tightened at the end of the year, the Bromo Tourist Area will implement the regulations.

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