A Few Things About Jabodebek LRT You Should Know

Arfi Bambani
A Jabodebek LRT trainset
A Jabodebek LRT trainset - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) stated that the Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Bekasi (Jabodebek) Light Rail Transit, which is targeted to operate in August 2022, is planned to operate every day from 05.45 WIB to 23.00 WIB. Vice President of Public Relations of KAI Joni Martinus said the service hours are to meet customer needs in starting activities in the morning until close to midnight.

"To serve the community and ensure the reliability of facilities and infrastructure as optimally as possible, KAI has prepared everything, including determining the operating hours of the Jabodebek LRT," said Joni Martinus in a statement received by Antara in Jakarta, Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

KAI will also carry out checks or maintenance after operating hours periodically to ensure the safety of the Jabodebek LRT journey. When operating, the headway or time between the Jabodebek LRT in 3 service lines is very short. The headway on service line 1 between Harjamukti - Cawang and service line 3 Jatimulya - Cawang is only 6 minutes, even service line 2 Cawang - Dukuh Atas is only 3 minutes. In short, the Jabodebek LRT headway is affected by the Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system used.

"This system can operate trains and project schedules automatically with supervision from the operations control center," he said.

Serve 18 Stations

KAI plans to operate up to 27 Jabodebek LRT trainsets per day, in which a trainset consists of 6 train units. Thus, there will be 560 Jabodebek LRT trips that will serve 114,000 customers per day.

Under normal conditions, 1 Jabodebek LRT trainset has a capacity of 740 customers with a configuration of 174 seated and 566 standing. However, if congestions appear, the Jabodebek LRT can accommodate 1,308 customers.

Jabodebek LRT will pass 18 stations, namely Dukuh Atas, Setiabudi, Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Pancoran, Cikoko, Ciliwung, Cawang, TMII, Kampung Rambutan, Ciracas, Harjamukti, Halim, Jatibening Baru, Cikunir I, Cikunir II, West Bekasi, and Jatimulya.

These stations are in the stage of installing a ticketing system and facilities such as elevators, escalators, manual stairs, toilets, platform screen doors, announcers at stations, and on automatic trains that are controlled from the center to health checking room to support customer convenience.

As of January 2022, the progress of the Jabodebek LRT has reached 78.78 percent. In January - May, the Jabodebek LRT will be commissioned, followed by a trial run from July to August, and it is confirmed that it will be inaugurated on August 17, 2022.

Joni invites the public not to hesitate in using the Jabodebek LRT because the entire system, infrastructure, and facilities of the Jabodebek LRT are escorted by experienced consultants.

"In the future, Jabodebek LRT operation is expected to ease people to travel and encourage economic growth in the area traversed," he said.

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