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Aulia Hafisa
Sumatran Tiger (Doc: Ministry of Tourism)
Sumatran Tiger (Doc: Ministry of Tourism) - The Sumatran Tiger is a subspecies of tiger native to the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. This iconic cat population is critically endangered, with less than 400 individuals remaining.  

Sumatran tigers are different from their relatives. They have a darker fur color with stronger contrast of orange to reddish-brown and black stripes. They are also known for being the smallest tiger but no less ferocious.

Quoting the National Geographic, Sumatran tigers are carnivores, preying on almost any available animal, big or small. This includes fish, monkeys, wild boars, tapirs, and deer, among many others. 

Tiger illustration (Photo: G)
Tiger illustration (Photo: G)

They hunt at night and tend to make about one large kill a week. They can run up to nearly 40 miles per hour, but only in short bursts, so they have to make the most of it. That is why they are ambush predators, slowly and silently stalking their prey until they’re ready to pounce. 

Sumatran tigers are solitary, except during courtship. A male and female will spend several days together, mating often to ensure success. 

A female is pregnant for about a hundred days before giving birth to a litter of one to six cubs. The cubs stick with their mothers for about two years.

Out of the estimated 400 total Sumatran Tigers living in the wild, 150 are found in Kerinci Seblat National Park, West Sumatra Province. 

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