Stranded Sun Bear Cub Saved by Locals

Stranded Sun Bear Cub Saved by Locals

A sun bear cub was found by a resident of Tanjung Penyambal Village, Central Dumai, Riau, while clearing the land in the industrial forest area on May 9.


When do babies start to talk? 0-12 Months Baby Language Milestones

Aulia Hafisa
Baby illustration (Shutterstock)
Baby illustration (Shutterstock) - Every parent wants to hear their baby's first words. It might be as thrilling as watching their first step. 

Baby learns to communicate with language by cooing, babbling, and making short sounds. The baby uses them to let you know how he feels and what he wants. 

Long before your baby starts talking, they will be trying to let you know their feeling. Baby will first smile at you at around 2 months of age. By 4 months, the baby probably laughs. At the age of 6 months, your baby should turn and look at you when you are speaking. The baby may respond to his name, and be able to tell the difference between a happy and angry tone of voice. The baby is probably able to express happiness by giggling or cooing, and happiness by crying.

During the end of the first year, a lot of your baby's energy is invested in learning how to move, sit up, roll over, crawl, and even make a first step.

Baby Language Milestone

Baby illustration (Pixabay)
Baby illustration (Pixabay/Pexels)

Cooing, the first baby sound besides crying. Usually, it occurs between six to eight weeks of age.

Laughing, this expression happens around 16 weeks. Your baby will laugh in response to things around him. 

Babbling, repetitive sounds or syllables produced by the baby over and over. For example "bababa," without significant meaning. It usually occurs between 6 and 9 months. Babbling turns into baby jargon or "nonsense speech."

The word no, between the age of 6 and 11 months, your baby should learn to understand the word no and will stop what he is doing.

The first word, by the time baby is a year old, will probably have said their first word, and maybe one or two more. A baby's first word usually comes anywhere at the age of 10 to 15 months. 

Following instruction, by the time a baby is one year old, he should be able to follow your instructions if they are simple and clear. Baby will be interested in trying to speak.

Words will not be perfect, the baby will start to speak but not clearly. The word made with lips might be easier to produce such as 'm' or 'b' or 'p'. Your baby might say 'ma-ma' which is easier than 'da-da'.

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