How To Make Baby Hair Grow Thicker, Home Remedies!

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Illustration of new baby born (Shutterstock)
Illustration of new baby born (Shutterstock) - You can make your baby's hair thick by applying natural ingredients to the scalp, for example, argan oil or aloe vera. Then, you can also consume various nutrients such as iron and vitamin D.

It must also be remembered that you can try this method on a baby who is 6 months old, otherwise there is a risk of irritation to the baby's head.  

Tips for Thickening Your Little One's Hair

Every newborn baby certainly has characteristics, some have thick hair and some don't. So, for those of you who want to make your baby's hair thicker, you can apply the following tips.

1. Use Aloe Vera

The first way to thicken thin baby hair is to use natural ingredients such as aloe vera. In fact, this natural ingredient can not only be used for hair but is also great for the skin.

The method is also very easy, you only need to take the flesh of aloe vera and add water until the texture thickens like mucus. After blending, you can use it as a safe shampoo for babies.

2. Coconut Oil

You can also use coconut oil as a way to grow baby hair. Apply coconut oil to the baby's head evenly after or before bathing. Applying this oil can also moisturize the little one's head at the same time.

3. Argan Oil

Not only coconut oil, it turns out that argan oil is also an option to thicken a baby's hair. You don't need to doubt the popularity of argan because this plant has great benefits for thickening hair.

You can apply argan oil regularly so that the baby's head becomes healthier and the hair growth is thicker.

4. Almonds

Nuts are also recommended as ingredients to thicken baby hair, namely almonds. This one bean is a source of amino acids and an important source of protein. However, before giving it in the form of solids, make sure your little one does not have an almond allergy.

Besides being able to thicken hair, consuming almonds can also increase the immune system and skin of your little one.

5. Vitamin D

Apart from the outside, the intake of vitamins in the body is also the next way that you can apply to thicken your little one's hair. One of them is vitamin D which can stimulate the growth of thicker baby hair. When the baby enters the MPASI phase, you can introduce vegetables that are rich in vitamin D such as sweet potatoes or pumpkin.

6. Little head massage

According to research published by Dermatology and Therapy, massaging the scalp regularly or twice a day can minimize hair loss. In addition, massage can also be a way to grow baby hair.

Because when the baby's scalp is massaged, the hair follicles will stretch. This makes the follicles stimulated which makes the hair grow thicker. Then, massaging the baby's head can also make the blood vessels under the scalp smoother. As a result, there is thicker hair growth.

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