Yogyakarta to Install 1,000 Free Public Wifi Points

Yogyakarta to Install 1,000 Free Public Wifi Points

The public wifi service is placed in a location that is considered strategic by the community and can be easily accessed by residents in need, one of which is at a community meeting place such as the Community Hall.


Why Is My Internet So Slow? Tips To Speed Up Your Internet

Aulia Hafisa
Internet illustration
Internet illustration - There are some reasons your internet connection might appear slow. It could be a problem with your modem, router, gadget, or provider. A fast internet connection is a daily necessity to support your activities, such as studying and working. 

Many people do not know the reasons why the internet is slow. In fact, by knowing the cause, it will be easier for you to immediately overcome it. 

Here are some things that cause slow internet.

1. The problem of Operation System

Having a problem with the operating system on the device can cause slow internet. Usually, we just need to restart the device to solve slow internet problems caused by a problematic operating system

2. Running Low on Internet Data

Slow Internet also occurs when the internet data start to run low. Some operators apply speed reductions with the aim that the internet data don't run out quickly.

3. Too Many Opened Applications

Switching from one application to another without closing the application users can also cause slow internet. Applications that are not closed will continue to use the Internet network that you have so that the network capacity is divided into several applications.

4. Accessing Concurrent Networks

There are times when the slow internet is also caused by the dense access used by other users. This is because so many users access the internet at almost the same time, so when we access the internet it feels slow.

Here are the solutions if your internet starts to run slow 

1. Restart Modem or Router

An effective way to deal with slow WiFi is to restart the modem or router. To restart the router or modem, you can turn it off via the switch or the power button. You can also unplug the adapter directly, then wait 10 to 30 seconds before turning it back on.

2. Update Gadget Devices Periodically

Regular device updates and software updates can be a solution, because sometimes applications still "suck up" data even when they're not in use, thereby burdening device performance. Apps that haven't been updated can also make your phone work harder, affecting your Internet connection.

3. Clearing Cache on Gadget Devices

If we frequently move from one application to another, and the previously used application is not closed, then this can cause the Internet connection to continue to be active. The solution, close applications that are not used so that activity in these applications stops.

4. Change Internet Provider

The last step when you have done everything, but the internet is still slow, is to change the internet provider. Maybe the internet provider that you are using right now doesn't have the best internet network.

As a solution, you can replace it with a WiFi internet network from the Biznet Home service which is supported by The New Biznet Fiber technology and comes with a larger bandwidth capacity from 175 Mbps to 250 Mbps.

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