What Is The Smallest Country in the World? Top 7 Small Countries By Area

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World map illustration (Pixabay)
World map illustration (Pixabay) - There are several countries with the smallest area that is not even that big compared to the area of the capital city in Indonesia. Curious about which are the smallest countries in the world?

Quoting from the Jagranjosh, here are the 7 smallest countries in the world based on their area.

1. The Vatican

Area: 0.44 km2

Location: Europe

Population: 800 residents (2017)

The smallest country in the world is occupied by Vatican City which is also known as the holy city. Located in Rome, Italy, the Vatican is the center of the Catholic Church.

In fact, the world's largest church St Peters Basilica is in the Vatican. In addition, world-famous paintings such as The Pieta and The Creation of Adam can also be found in this world's smallest country.

The uniqueness of the Vatican is that it does not have permanent citizens and citizenship is only given to those who work in the Vatican as well as their children and spouses. This citizenship status will be revoked after they officially stop working.

2. Monaco

Area: 2.02 km2

Location: Western Europe

Population: 38,036 (2017)

Although Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is where the world's millionaires and billionaires live. The Monaco area is surrounded by the French and the other part faces the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

The economy in Monaco is heavily dependent on tourism as well as the casinos there. That is why Monaco is known as one of the countries of gambling and luxury goods. A popular annual event in Monaco is the Formula 1 Grand Prix race.

3. Nauru

Area: 21 km2

Location: Australia

Population: 10,308 (2017)

Located east of Australia, Nauru is the smallest island nation in the world. Nauru is an independent republic and the only country without an official capital.

This island is also known as an island that offers something fun. Unfortunately, the population of Nauru is filled with the fattest people in the world. That is why Naura is the region with the highest number of type 2 diabetes sufferers in the world.

4. Tuvalu

Area: 26 km2

Location: Northeast Australia

Population: 9,981 (2017)

Tuvalu is an island nation of Polynesia located in the Pacific Ocean, Northeast of Australia. This island nation is also known as Ellice Island.

Before gaining independence in 1978, Tuvalu was still part of the UK. Tuvalu's capital city is Funafuti which is the only place that provides accommodation and transportation.

5. San Marino

Area: 61 km2

Location: Europe

Population: 32,131

The next smallest country, which is also known as The Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is the oldest sovereign country that still exists in the world. Despite its small area, San Marino has the highest per capita GDP value in Europe.

6. Liechtenstein

Area: 160 km2

Location: Between Switzerland and Australia

Population: 38,022 (2017)

The 6th smallest country in the world is occupied by Liechtenstein with an area of 160 km2. Just like San Marino, despite its small area, Liechtenstein has a high per capita GDP with low unemployment.

This country that has no train station or airport is also the only country in the world that is completely located in the Alps.

7. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Area: 261 km2

Location: North America

Population: 56,780 (2017)

The full name of this smallest country is the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis with Basseterre as its capital. In 1983, Saint Kitts and Nevis gained full independence from Britain.

The economy of the world's smallest country is dependent on tourism, agriculture, and the small manufacturing industry.

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