6 Tips for Calming Your Cough, Home Remedy Treatment

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Cough Illustration (freepik/@jcomp) - A constantly itchy throat will make you feel uncomfortable. If it's not treated quickly, the throat becomes sores, making your cough worst. This guide will show you how to calm your cough.

Coughs can be caused by many different things. In the end, coughs are distinguished into coughs with phlegm and dry coughs. Both have different ways of healing.

How to Calm a Cough

1. Consume lots of water

Water can help thin phlegm if your cough is a cough with phlegm. In dry coughs, plain water can help keep the throat moist so that when the stones can feel lighter. If possible, consume warm water!

2. Warm Water Soak, Effective and Comfortable

The second way is by soaking in warm water. This method can help thin phlegm in the nasal passages or throat, making it easier to expel. For how to relieve this cough, you can do it if the cough is not accompanied by fever.

3. Stop Smoking Habits

One of the most common causes of coughing is smoking. When a cough hits, the most appropriate way to deal with it is to stop smoking. Cigarette smoke and the substances contained in it, in any case, have no beneficial health benefits for the normal body.

4. Consumption of Stone Medicine according to Doctor's Instructions

If you have a bad cough, you can visit a doctor and get yourself checked. Usually, the doctor will ask what symptoms appear and what you feel, then prescribe the appropriate medication. Discipline in taking medication and getting enough rest.

5. Natural Cough Remedies

Natural cough medicines are recommended for those of you who have a mild cough. Some natural ingredients that you mix yourself at home can be a natural cough solution, without having to go to the doctor. For example, tea with honey and lemon slices, ginger tea, pineapple juice, and many others.

6. Get enough rest and eat nutritious food

Coughing itself is usually caused by various things, and most can heal by themselves. If you have a cough and it's not too bad, try to get enough rest and eat nutritious foods. Body condition will recover quickly.

Those were some ways to relieve coughs that you can try at home. Hope it is useful!

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