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The Museum of Prophet Muhammad (Instagram)
The Museum of Prophet Muhammad (Instagram) - There is The Prophet Muhammad Museum in Indonesia, particularly in Probolinggo. Located in Probolinggo city, East Java Province, the museum contains the relics of the Prophet Muhammad.

Quoting TIMES Indonesia, Network, the visitor can see the turban, stick, and whip left by the Prophet. 

You can enter the museum by paying IDR 50 thousand (USD 3.5) for a 1-hour session. The visitors will be guided by a museum officer called muarif/muarifah to see the collections.

The collection of relics of the Prophet Muhammad is quite complete. The moment you enter the museum, you can spot various kiswah or fabrics. One of them is the kiswah which covers the tomb of the Prophet, complete with the soil.

In addition, there is also a collection of green carpets that we usually overlook when visiting the tomb of the Prophet in Medina. There is also a sword that was used by the companions of the Prophet, Khalid Bin Walid when fighting.

Seeing the collections in this museum brings a different atmosphere that gives you goosebumps. 

There is a collection of turbans that the Prophet used to wear. It is said that there are only six of these turbans in the world, and one of them is in this museum.

This white and black turban is one of the oldest turbans that is often worn by the Prophet when he preached. In addition to the turban, there is also a stick that prophet used to wear. 

There is also a collection of the Prophet's hair and beard. Uniquely, this hair and beard continue to grow about 0.047 mm, like grass that continues to grow upwards.

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