Traveling To The Biggest Methane Disaster on Earth

Aulia Hafisa
Lapindo Mudflow (Instagram)
Lapindo Mudflow (Instagram) - Every Indonesian knows about the Tragedy of Lapindo Mudflow. 16 years ago, a small village in Sidoarjo Regency, East Java, was rattled by a gush of hot mud shooting out from the borehole.

No one predicted that the mud would drown villages in three districts, demolish public facilities, and displace tens of thousands of civilians. 

Almost two decades have passed, and various experts have come and gone from all over the world to observe the situation, but the unanswered question still remains.

Over time, the location has turned into a tourist attraction area. 

Many people are curious how the Lapindo mudflow could drown the large district area along with its life. If you visit this place, you will find a very high and long artificial hill. This hill surrounds the Lapindo Mud area, so the mudflow does not expand everywhere.

If you are tired of walking the vast of Lapindo, a number of food stalls offer typical Sidoarjo cuisine. You can eat Lontong Kupang, a rice cake with seashells soup, and young coconut ice. 

To enter the area, you have to pay IDR 5,000 (USD 0.5).

From the Sidoarjo town square, you have to take a straight southward via Larangan street to Porong and Malang Regency. 

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