What is a Narcissistic Personality? 5 Signs of a Narcissist

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Narcissistic Illustration (Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels)
Narcissistic Illustration (Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels) - In psychology, narcissistic personality is a mental health disorder when a person has an extremely high sense of their importance. They always seek attention and want others to admire them. However, behind this extreme confidence, narcissistic people are not sure about their self-worth and self-esteem. So, the slightest criticism might make them upset. 

People with the narcissistic disorder may lack the ability to care for and understand the feeling of others. Narcissism is not always seen as bad, some narcissistic behaviors actually have a good impact.

However, if this narcissistic behavior becomes habitual and excessive, it could be a sign of narcissistic personality disorder, which also disturb the other people around. 

Quoting Times of India, here are 5 signs you have a narcissistic personality.

Only Talk About Themselves

People with a narcissistic personalities only care about themselves and their accomplishments. They like it when someone is interested in them.

Therefore, they only talk about themselves over and over again and do not care about others' perspectives.

They Feel They Have the Power

Narcissism makes them feel like they are the center of the world. It is not surprising that their actions and character seem arbitrary.

They also want to be treated special, not the same as most people.

They Want to Be Admired

This feeling of wanting to be admired becomes their daily need. Because of this feeling, they also do not accept criticism from others.

They Have No Regrets

Because of the two or three things above, they also do not feel remorse for their actions. Especially when they hurt others. They will feel this action is normal.

They Are Arrogant

Because of a lack of empathy with other people, it is not uncommon for narcissistic people to be arrogant. They will talk about things without respect because they don't need other people's views.

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