5 Steps To Get REAL Instagram Followers, Are U Ready to be an Influencer?

Aulia Hafisa
Influencer illustration (Plann/Pexels)
Influencer illustration (Plann/Pexels) - Does anyone here want to rise their Instagram followers to thousands or even millions? You are coming to the right place! Currently, Instagram becomes a platform for making money. A lot of people rely on Instagram as their main living. The more followers you have, the more influence you can spread on this platform. This guide will show you how to get more followers on Instagram.

Currently, there are many ways to increase the number of Instagram followers, such as buying instant Instagram followers. In fact, these followers are not real, meaning their accounts are not active.  

To have a big influence on Instagram, you have to have real followers so you can engage with them. So, how do you increase Instagram followers naturally?

Maybe it will take effort and a little patience to grow your Instagram organically, but the results will not betray you. Here are some ways you can increase your Instagram followers.

Instagram Illustration (Solenfeyissa/Pixabay)
Instagram Illustration (Solenfeyissa/Pixabay)

1. Be consistent 

One of the main keys to increasing followers is consistently uploading content. For Instagram, it feels like uploading once in one day is enough to satisfy followers who are waiting for your posts. Don't forget to use the latest and interesting topics.

2. Find your character

The distinctive features of the content you create will certainly make people feel interested in following your Instagram account. For example, you create content about sports news, but what differentiates it from the others, you insert typical jokes for young people. The characteristic will make you unique.

3. Create Useful Content

Instagram Illustration (Solen Feyissa/Unsplash)
Instagram Illustration (Solen Feyissa/Unsplash)

Create useful content, for example, cooking tutorials, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and so on. Because the content you create is much needed by other people, they will automatically follow your Instagram account.

4. Conduct a QnA

Holding a Q&A or question and answer session is one form to engage with your followers. Anyone would love to be able to interact with their favorite content creators. From there you can also find out the tastes of your followers.

5. Spread Positive Vibes

Don't forget to always spread positive vibes to your followers through the posts you upload. If the content you create can make people feel happy, then they will definitely follow your account to get pleasure from your content.

Those are 5 ways to increase Instagram followers without having to pay to buy. So, are you ready to become a famous content creator?

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